Office Hours

Summer Hours (Starting April 22nd, 2024)

Monday – Thursday 6A – 4P Closed Friday


Please note that all roads that start with an “M”, “U” or “S” are state-maintained highways and we do not have jurisdiction over these roads.  Please contact MDOT garage in Jones at 269-244-5808 if you need to report issues with these roads.


August 6th there will be a Road Millage Renewal on the ballot.  Click the link below to learn what this renewal millage covers.

Final Road Millage Renewal Brochure

Chip Seal Season has begun….

The list of roads will be updated daily and are tentative based on weather and how much gets done the previous day(s).  We ask that you please drive with caution when flaggers are present.


July 23 – Kelly between Robinson and Big Hill

Kelly between Robinson to Burr Oak

Big Hill between US 12 and E. Lafayette 

Plumb School between Big Hill and E. Lafayette 

Fawn River Stockdale Road and David Circle

Halfway south of US 12

Witt Lake between Sweet Lake and Carpenterson

Future schedule – exact days tbd

Maystead between Big Hill and Carpenterson

Farrand between Findley and Wagner

Longlake between Farrand and Village of Colon

Wattles between M-86 and the county line

Lowland between Stowell and the county line

Orla Engle between Hodges and Colon Road

Bucknell between M-86 and Truckenmiller

Truckenmiller between Rambadt and Village of Colon

Swonk between

McClish between

Lowe/Hutchinson between

North Fisher Lake between

Klinger Lake between Banker and Mintdale

Featherstone East between Lutz and Burg

Mintdale between Engle to Burgener

Roys to Klinger Lake west between between Engle and Shimmel

Roys to Klinger Lake east

Klinger Lake between Banker and Mintdale

South River between /east of Noah Lake to TR City Limits

8th off M-86

Lutz between M-86  to Fairchild

Hoshell between Neeman to Lutz



July 22 – 23 will be chip sealing US12 from West of A Road to East of Klinger Lake Road with a full closure.  The detour route is going to be Shimmel to Featherstone to Lutz Road.  They should be finished by the end of the day on the 23rd.

July 9-17, 2024  Estimated 
US-131, M-60, and M-86 resurfacing
in St. Joseph County starts Tuesday
MARSHALL, Mich. – The Michigan of Transportation (MDOT) will start resurfacing more than 19 miles of three highways on Tuesday:
• US-131 from Dickinson Road in Constantine to Garber Road in White Pigeon,
• M-60 from Hoffman Road in Three Rivers to Plainfield Drive in Mendon, and
• M-86 from South Main Street in Three Rivers to West Main Street in Centreville.
This $2.5 million investment includes chip seal, fog seal and micro-surfacing.
St. Joseph
US-131, M-60, and M-86
Closest cities:
Constantine, White Pigeon, Three Rivers, Mendon, and Centreville
Traffic restrictions:
Single-lane closures with a flagging operation.

S. Fisher Lake bridge construction has begun and S. Fisher Lake Road is now closed between Buckhorn and Haines Roads until further notice.  This is a total closure with local traffic only being allowed to access their driveways.  This is estimated to remain closed until approximately Sept. 

First round of Roadside mowing has been completed.

Dust Control (first round) has been completed in the following townships that contracted with us to have it applied.  If you do not see your township listed then they did not contract with us for dust control.  Flowerfield, Park, Lockport, Fabius, Florence, Mottville, Fawn River, Sherman, Burr Oak, Nottawa, Leonidas and Colon.

SJCRC Meetings

Our meetings are open to the public.  We will also have our Polycom turned on for those that wish to call in and participate in the meeting.  The number to call is 269-294-4843.  

Reduced weight limits on bridges

The following bridges have reduced weight limits until further notice.

  • Wakeman Road bridge between River Run and Prairie Corners Road now has a weight limit of 15 T
  • Rambadt Road bridge between M-86 and Truckenmiller Road now has weight limits of 42T/62T/82T
  • Jacksonburg Road bridge between Simpson and Covey Roads now has weight limits of 42T/54T/64T
  • S. Fisher Lake Road bridge between Carpenter and Buckhorn Roads now has weight limits of 20T/24T/40T
  • Nottawa Road bridge between Taylor and Kirby Roads, just north of Mendon now has weight limits of 33T/55T/71T

Holiday Schedule

New Years Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day.

If a holiday falls on Sunday then Monday shall be considered the Holiday and if the holiday falls on Saturday then Friday shall be considered the Holiday. In the case of Christmas Eve Day, the holiday shall be designated to be the preceding workday before the Christmas Day Holiday.

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