Our office is now open to the public. We do require a mask be worn upon entering the building or you will be asked to leave and come back wearing a mask. Starting June 8th our office will be open to the public again. If you do come to our office we ask that you continue to maintain social distancing etiquette of 6 or more feet.

Nottawa Road north of Mendon is now open.  It still needs lines painted, which will be done in the next few days.

The Colon.Farrand Roundabout roundabout is now open.  Thank you for your patience during the construction of this project.  The roundabout was designed and will accommodate semi’s and farm equipment.

Please note that all roads that start with an “M”, “U” or “S” are state maintained highways and we do not have jurisdiction over these roads.  Please contact MDOT garage in Jones at 269-244-5808 if you need to report issues with these roads. 

Our Work Session on August 19 will be held at 8:00 am in the road commission conference room.  Anyone wishing to participate via phone should call 269-408-4128 and enter the Bridge/code 012063 no more than 10 minutes prior to meeting time.   Agenda to be posted prior to the meeting.

Burr Oak Road between Hagelgans and Deer Park will be shut down for paving starting Monday, July 13.  Detour will be through Village of Burr Oak and up Middle Colon Road to Hagelgans.

Paving season has finally begun so please be courteous and watch out for flaggers and paving crews when driving in construction zones everywhere.  The projects may be a slight inconvenience now but will be beneficial to everyone in the future. 

Weight restriction on the Coon Hollow Road bridge west of Ferguson has been reduced to 6T until further notice.

Construction Notices



There is going to be signage downtown turning traffic at the light.   Traffic going from east to west will be detoured using M-86 to M-66, traffic going south to north will be detoured through town, M-86 to Wattles then Stowel Road to Blossom.

Weather Advisory

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About St. Joseph County Road Commission, Centreville, Michigan

St. Joseph County has approximately 521 square miles with a population of 62,000 people. Within St. Joseph County public road system there are 828 miles of paved roads and 195 miles that are graveled. The St. Joseph County Road Commission has the responsibility for the construction and maintenance of all 1023 miles of these public roads and the 97 bridges located within the road system. The county is approximately 24 miles wide by 22 miles deep with the headquarters situated in the middle of the county in Centreville.  At the direction of the townships, the Road Commission also constructs and improves county local roads.

Major trunk lines, maintained by MDOT, include: US-12, M-60, M-66, M-86, M-103, M-216 and US-131.

The work of the St. Joseph County Road Commission includes not only snow removal and road repair, but also the upgrading and building of new and existing roads to current standards.

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