Permits are issued for various activities in, on or adjacent to roads under the jurisdiction of the St. Joseph County Road Commission.

New Insurance Requirements can be accessed at this link.  Insurance Requirements Revised 7.18.18

Example of COI 7.18.18

New Permit Inspection Fee Schedule 7.18.2018

Each permit is valid for dates indicated on the permit document.
Please note that there have been a few revisions to the forms indicated below along with price changes. Please use the applications below as they are the most recent.

Driveway Permit Form Revised 11.18.19

Driveway Specifications for Permits

Application for Single Move Miscellaneous/Oversize Object Permit

Application for Single Move Mobile-Modular Home
ROW Permit 7.18.18 – Revised 7.18.18
Notice regarding boring or open cuts under roads
Application for Permit to Move Agricultural Product
Application for Blanket Permit to Move Building
Application for Blanket Permit to Move Miscellanous/Oversize Objects
Application for Blanket Permit to Move Mobile/Modular Homes

NOTICE OF MOVE – This must be filed with the Road Commission office a minimum of 24 hours prior to the move of the item.


Seasonal Weight Restrictions Permit

2019 Certified Roads subject to Weight Restrictions

2019 PR Weight Restrictions