Permits are issued for various activities in, on or adjacent to roads under the jurisdiction of the St. Joseph County Road Commission.

New Insurance Requirements can be accessed at this link.  Insurance Requirements Revised

Example of COI

New Permit Inspection Fee Schedule

Each permit is valid for dates indicated on the permit document.
Please note that there have been a few revisions to the forms indicated below along with price changes. Please use the applications below as they are the most recent.

Driveway Permits

This is for when a citizen has found the location they want the new driveway to be(it can be residential, commercial or field driveway).  A permit is required before any work can begin.

Driveway Permit Form Revised

Driveway Specifications for Permits


Right-of-Way Permits

This section is directly off the edge of the road.  it is generally considered to be 33 feet from the center of the road.   All work to be done in this area requires a permit before work can begin.  Please review the back of the permit application as well as the Notice regarding boring or open cuts under the road for specifications to receive escrow refunds.

ROW Permit

Notice regarding boring or open cuts under roads

Transportation Permits are now combined on one form (Oversize, overweight, modular and mobile homes and buildings both single move and blanket move permits)

July 14, 2021 the St. Joseph County Road Commission will be changing the way we process our transportation permits (Single and Blanket move permits for mobile homes, modular homes, oversize and overweight and buildings applications.)

We will be using an online-based permitting system via the web at  we will no longer process transportation related permits in person.

Any entity wanting to apply for Transportation permit for St. Joseph County roads must use the Oxcart permitting software.  Registration is easy and can be completed on the Oxcart website under the Trucking login/sign-up link  Once registered, companies will then be able to reap the benefits of the following via Oxcart:

  • Access a simple to use online interface for requesting local permits.
  • Paperless permits downloadable to your computer or any mobile device.
  • Eliminate tedious paper processes, emailing and scanning.
  • Speed the process of permit approvals.
  • Feature an online, interactive mapping solution to assist in route selection.
  • Online permit approvals pushed to your email inbox.
  • Provide and easy, online payment system (Credit card only – see below)

How to pay for Transportation permits.
In addition to the St. Joseph County Road Commission permitting fee, Oxcart will require a nominal processing fee for each transportation permit.  Oxcart will also assess a credit card fee for each permit processed.  These charges are as follows:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • American Express and Diner’s Club
    • (2.9% of total permit & processing fee combined)

Plus a $0.30 transaction fee for All transportation permits.
Please feel free to contact the Road Commission if you have any questions.

We will be using an online-based permitting system via the web at  to pay with a credit card.  If you choose to pay with cash/check please submit your permits via mail/email/fax.

NOTICE OF MOVE This must be filed with the Road Commission office a minimum of 24 hours prior to the move of the item.

Frost Law Permits

Seasonal Weight Restrictions Permit

2021 Primary and Local Certified Roads

2021 PR Weight Restrictions

Please refer to page 32 for Michigan Weight and Axle Load Limits