Effective December 21, 2022 the St. Joseph Road Commission will issue a check in the amount of $50.00 to compensate county residents and/or business establishments for mailbox and/or post damage that occurs during Road Commission snow plowing operations along roads under its jurisdiction. If preferred, regardless of the type and size of the original mailbox, a standard metal mailbox and/or post carried in the Road Commission’s inventory, can be picked up at the Road Commission office at 20914 M-86, Centreville. Residents shall be limited to one (1) $50.00 reimbursement or mailbox and/or post replacement per winter season. For mailbox and/or post damage that occurs outside of the winter snow plowing season, the repair or replacement will be resolved at the Road Commission’s discretion. All previous policies regarding reimbursement of a damaged mailbox and/or post shall be rescinded and replaced by this policy.

Effective 12/15/2009 Predictions are that snow will once again fall on St. Joseph County roads during the winter season Over the past two winters, maintenance costs for clearing snow and ice from our 1,022 miles of county roads have been particularly expensive. Funds used for winter maintenance include both our Michigan Transportation Funds (MTF) and the countywide millage. Our MTF revenues have been reduced $626,900 since 2004, causing additional reductions in our snow and ice removal operations. Due to revenue shortfall, the Road Commission has had to reduce personnel, through attrition. What this means is that our snow plow drivers are picking up the slack by assuming longer snow routes. Also, the cost of materials has risen. For example, the price of salt has doubled in price since 2004 and the price of underbody scraper blades has increased 37% since 2004. The Road Commission will have to continue the reduction in services during this winter season, which were implemented last year. Some of the reduced services include: Reduction in overtime, particularly on weekend and holidays. Determining factors, regarding weekend and holiday service will include depth of snow, projected temperatures during the day, and wind conditions. Portions of roads, which are level, will no longer be sanded solid. Intersections, curves, railroad crossings and hills will be sanded, as in previous years. The St. Joseph County Road Commission is thankful for the public support of the countywide millage which is designated for maintenance on our 690 miles of local roads. This millage revenue allows us to provide a higher level of winter maintenance service on the local roads. Every effort will continue to make snow and ice removal service a priority during this winter season, as can be fiscally allowed. Unfortunately, drastic reductions in revenue and increases in expenses have resulted in the above noted adjustments.