Mission: In cooperation with county and township governments, the mission of the St. Joseph County Road Commission is to provide a well-maintained road system for the traveling public while enhancing economic development, tourism, and specifically the overall quality of life for our customers, the citizens of St. Joseph County.

In recognition of their noteworthy and significant contributions to the mission of the St. Joseph County Road Commission, the Board wishes to acknowledge individuals who have had a lasting impact on this mission.


To provide specific guidelines, nomination requirements, timelines, and procedures for the Board of Road Commissioners Award Recognition Program.


On January 6, 2021, the St. Joseph County Road Commission Board agreed to establish the Recognition Award program to recognize individuals who represent the best of the St. Joseph County Road Commission by demonstrating both professional and personal dedication. No Road Commission funds will be used now or in the future and all associated costs will be funded by individual Board members.
Eligibility: The award recognizes individuals who best represent the dedicated professionals serving our road commission. The candidate is typified by superior performance, county impact, mission contribution, leadership, dedication, and outstanding professionalism. The Board recognizes that there are individuals not employed by the road commission that have made great contributions to the improvement of the roads in St. Joseph County. When reviewing candidates for selection, additional consideration should be given to those individuals who have excelled in increasingly demanding, challenging, and unique accomplishments which embodies the St. Joseph County Road Commission vision.


The award cycle will run from January 1st to December 31st every year. Any person can complete a nomination form, submitted in the recommended format, by 3:00 pm February 15th to the Human Resources Manager. The Road Commission Board will complete the process by reviewing all nominations and voting for 3 candidates at the March public meeting each year.


The nominees selected by the designated Road Commissioners will receive:

a) Letter of Recognition. The St. Joseph County Road Commission Recognition Award will include an official letter of recognition, on St. Joseph County Road Commission letterhead, individually signed by each current appointed Road Commissioner and member of management.

b) Press Release. The Board Chairman will prepare a brief statement of the Board’s appreciation and description of the individual’s accomplishments and give it to the press covering the Board meeting. The recipient will be recognized on SJCRC’s Facebook page and will be added to a list of previous recipients on SJCRC’s website.

c) The St. Joseph County Road Commission Chairman or their designee will present awardee information to the County Commission Board at the next available public meeting. The information presented will also include the individual’s name and a brief description of accomplishment(s) which resulted in award recognition.

d) Perpetual Plaque. Each awardee will have their name included on a plaque including the year in which they were recognized in a conspicuous place within the Road Commission board room.


SJCRC Recognition Award Nomination Form



2022 SJCRC Recognition Award Recipients

2021 SJCRC Recognition Award Recipients